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ZeroPak Canister 3 Set

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  • Save $20

Zeropak 3 Set Of Canisters With Hand Pump

3 sizes are 500ml, 1400ml, 3000ml

These are compatable with the ZeroPak Mini vac VS6620. The canister pipe will need to be purchased as well to use them on the mini vac

When food is vacuumed in the canister it will keep 4 times longer then in a normal container. It will not crush or squash delicte and soft foods like salads, bread or fresh berries. It is great for keeping any liquids such as soaps or stews. Also great for everyday foods like cheese, cakes, cold meat cuts

Meat can be marinated in a fraction of the time. 20 miniutes vacuumed in a canister is equivalent to 8 hours normal marinating 

Canisters are fridge, freezer, microwave safe. So you can heat food up in the canister. Hand wash only

  • Does not squash food
  • Great for liquids
  • Marinate meat in a fraction of the time
  • Reheat in the open canister
  • Stackable
  • BPA free
  • Reusable
  • Construction Food grade GPPS, HIPS, Silicone
  • No power needed with hand pump
  • Can be used with any vacuum sealer with canister connection


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